I blog now!

Hello blogosphere! I join you from the beautiful town of York where I live with my husband Martyn and son Freddie, aged three-and-a-half. I used to work as a languages teacher but since Freddie arrived I’ve been a full-time parent, which I love, despite the chaos involved. Babies in twenty-first century York come with wonderfully hectic social lives, and with Freddie’s assistance I’ve made some amaaaazing friends, which has led to a bit of voluntary work to keep me out of mischief (currently running my church’s parent and toddler group). I do the odd bit of freelance translation now that Freddie is at pre-school. But not much. Welcome to my blog – I’ll hopefully have something more lengthy to pop on here soon!


3 thoughts on “I blog now!

  1. Hi Izzy.

    Look forward to reading your gems of wisdom!

    All the best


    p.s. York is a City not a town! (lets show our beautiful City some proper respect eh?)

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