Hope and a Future

A couple of months ago I was at The Besom in York blogging about my experiences of conducting assessments for this wonderful charity. Come on over!

The Besom in York

Matt 8 v 10 use
When a friend told me that she had started giving her time to assess recipients for the Besom in York, I thought, ‘That’s something I’d be really interested in doing too!’ I live in a community where affluence jostles uncomfortably against deprivation – not much in between. I had heard fantastic things about the work of the Besom, providing a ‘bridge’ between givers and recipients in neighbourhoods just like mine. They make it possible for people to give their time (like my friend was doing), as well as skills, money and things, to those in need. At the time however I was at home with my young son and had other commitments too so I didn’t have any time to give through the Besom.
Six months later however, my son had just completed his first term at school – God had given me some extra time each day. Chatting to…

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