Beautiful feet

I’m over at the Besom in York today, blogging about good news (and my beautiful feet!). Why not come with me…

The Besom in York


This week Izzy Pysanczyn, one of our assessors, reflects on being able to share God’s grace.

I sat on a bench on the edge of a housing estate on a glorious autumn day and cast my eye over the assessment form in my hand. The person whose needs I was about to assess on behalf of the Besom in York had evidently not been having an easy time in life.

As soon as I walked through the door of their home it became apparent that all was not well. The living conditions were a major indicator of this, but more so was the fear and sorrow in the eyes of this potential recipient of help from the Besom. Two other support workers were present at the property, clearly very busy working through a morass of complex issues with the recipient. The recipient seemed suspicious of me, this new arrival. What bad…

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